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One Material Guide per Month
One Material Guide per Month : Subject in November : Rubberized Gel Foam [2017-11-18 11:44:12]

What is Rubberized Gel Foam-

"Rubberized Gel Foam", an exclusive material, is developed by Geltec. To keep the key character of shock absorption and soft of Solid PU Gel material, we change the original property of PU gel, add rubber property, reinforce tensile and tear strength, make the transformation after squeezing and re-form it to be closed cell structure foam. This material of "Rubberized Gel Foam", compared with solid PU gel, is disclosed the excellent feature of non-slip, light weight and low cost. Moreover, the close cell structure generates the rubberized gel foam to have character of water and oil resistance.

More about material

Application- Anti-fatigue Mat Series

Product : Anti-fatigue Mat

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