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Transparent Gel Positioner Series

Transparent Gel Positioner Series
Gel Positioner has been used for medical treatment & health-care generally, especially in Hospital.


1. Gel Positioner have features of soft and comfortable, suitable for protective Positioner.
2. Gel Positioner provides "Pressure relief" & "Keep the blood circulation" especially necessary
   for patients who have to lie down on bed for a long time.
3. With features of "Cool feeling" and "Anti-febrile" It will refresh you in summer.
4. Mold-proof.
5. The material of "Transparent PU Gel" is beautiful & exclusive looking.
6. OEM project welcomed.
Material: Transparent PU Gel
GP-001 Gel Horseshoe Postioner 220x180x80mm
GP-002 Gel Donut Positioner D220xH38mm
GP-003 Gel Horseshoe Positioner 146x125x33mm
GP-004 Gel Donut Positioner D100xH20mm
GP-005 Gel Heel Positioner 145x94x40mm

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