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Anti-fatigue Mat for Wet Area

Anti-fatigue Mat for Wet Area
In the past of experience to supply Anti-fatigue Drainage Mat, it is only with holes to provide drainage. It has been improved and modified with unique ditch underneath that can help to drain water quickly for wet areas

- Designed with holes and drainage ditch underneath to allow liquids to drain quickly
- Manufactured by one-piece molded technology, easy to clean and maintain
- Closed cell foam structure does not absorb liquids and formulated with anti-bacteria
- Resistant to oil and grease
- Beveled edge avoids the trip hazards and textured surface strengthens anti-slip to reduce slips and falls
- Made of Rubberized Gel Foam provides comfort and good buffer effect to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods

Rubberized Gel Foam

1500 x 900 mm
600 x 900 mm
Interlocking Design (500mm width)

17±1 mm

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