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HC Seat Cushion (MO)

HC Seat Cushion (MO)
The Innovation design of  "Hexagonal Cells" technology focus on softness, good air-ventilation, heat reduction, and moisture evaporation. The unique honeycomb structure is applied to be the supporting elements for wheelchair seat cushion. It provides real pressure reduction and comfortable effect while sitting on. Also, spacing of the Hexagonal Cells forces air convection which has more effective in moisture evaporation.

Material :
HR Foam
Memory Foam
HR Foam + PU Gel on top
Memory Foam + PU Gel on top.

-Manufactured with fixed Hexagonal Cells units

Sepecification :
400x430mm, 2"Height
430x430mm, 2"Height
460x430mm, 2"Height
490x460mm, 2"Height

* Option: Inner cover

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