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Transparent PU Gel
Gel Sheet
Gel Sheet - Having material features of shock-absorbent, anti-slip, transparency, & good damping efficiency.
- Different hardness level can be manufactured
Comb Gel Series
Comb Gel Series -developed with patented coating film design and exclusive manufacture technique into a Stereoscopic Honeycomb Formation.
Comb-Gel Sheet III
Comb-Gel 005II Structure
CSAS CSAS series consists of multiple gel rooms and multiple-hole rubberized gel foam which given with the upmost level structure of shock absorption. It can effectively buffer and offset the forces through to achieve the function of impact-reduction and pressure release.
ISAS ISAS, a shock absorption material, is made of individual prism of Rubberized Gel Foam and adhered to ventilation fiber. The feature of softness, impact-reducing effect, ventilation, and stretch is given this material to be suitable for use on any protector with heat-diffusion function.
Hexagonal Cells
Hexagonal Cells Structure
Hexagonal Cells Structure An innovation design of the mattress and seat cushion is constructed by "Hexagonal Cells" technology focus on softness, good air-ventilation, heat reduction, and moisture evaporation.
Rubberized Gel Foam
Rubberized Gel Foam Changing the original property of PU Gel and adding rubber property, Rubberized Gel Foam is an exclusive material and developed with closed cell structure. It is a suitable material for matting application by its characteristics of shock absorption, soft, pressure relief and impact reduction.
Memory Foam
Memory Foam Memory foam is also called Visco-elastic foam. It is soft and it can follow user's body temperature to form a supportive contour to user's spine shape...
Composed Memory Foam
Composed Memory Foam Composed Memory Foam has similar but not as effective soft and supportive functions as Memory Foam, but is comparatively lower-cost. Customized Size is available...
PU Foam
PU Foam PU Foam is resiliency-adjustable material that can be made into different soft materials or products for different application...
Rubber Foam
Rubber Foam Rubber foam is a traditional soft material. According to application needs and material distinction, it can achieve the purpose of relevant application by material selections...
Latex Foam
Latex Foam Latex Foam is good for its functions of anti-slip, abrasion resistance, and water resistance. It is usually used for vibrating objects, such as car interior...
EVA Foam
EVA Foam EVA Foam is the material that consist elements of plastic and rubber. The material is featuring of easy shaping, good abrasion resistance and weather resistance. It can be very low-density...
3D Mesh
3D Mesh The lightweight material of 3D Mesh has good ventilation feature that can be used for mattress and seat cushion.
Air Mesh
Air Mesh Air Meshes are usually low-density with high supporting and un-distorting capability. Air Meshes can create large air-contacting area for moisture evaporation...
Elastic Mesh
Elastic Mesh Constructed by Coolplus fiber, a kind of material with excellent abilities to stay dry and prevent accumulation of heat. The unique structure of Elastic Mesh makes it soft...
Gel Tube Mesh
Gel Tube Mesh Gel Tube Mesh is a perfect material for wheelchair cushion, wheelchair accessories, hospital seat and office chair cushion. It is a combined material of Elastic Mesh and Gel Tube...
Foam Tube Mesh
Foam Tube Mesh Foam Tube Mesh is designed for lighter alternative of Gel Tube Mesh. This combination is perfect for portable personal accessories. Under the same Tunnel Mesh Structure...
Cross-linked PU
Cross-linked PU
Cross-linked PU Cross-linked PU is one kind of reacted polyurethane. With exclusive processing method, GELTEC can provide PU sheets with extremely thin (0.15~1.0mm) for products...

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