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GELTEC Industry Ltd.

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About Geltec

  • We have more than 20 years experience in processing soft and foam materials.
  • We are specialized in product customization and OE manufacturing for soft and foam products.
  • GELTEC started its business in shoe industry as an Insole maker in 1970s.
  • In 1990, by applying Latex Foam and PU Foam, computer mouse pad, wrist rest, and arm rest have being developed and manufactured for customers and consumers.
  • We also applied Transprent PU Gel and Memory Foam to develop different products for home and health applications such as mats, cushions and mattresses.
  • Until now, GELTEC has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of products using soft and foam materials.

GELTEC Industry Ltd.
Location: Shengang District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Factory Area: 3,000 square meters
Number of employee: 30
Capital: USD 680,000
Annual Sales: USD 5,000,000
Year of Establishment: 1986
Parent Company: Good Raise Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
2017 New development of Functional Mat
Building the Automated Production Line for Functional Mat with Industry 4.0 to raise our production level.
2016 The 2nd factory is in operation.
Improved the process technology for the Standing Desk Mat. The unique design with rounded corners and super bevel edge specialized for a barrier-free working environment.
2015 Building the second factory and will start production in 2016.
Develop the project of the mat solution for wet area and plan to finish at the 3rd Quarter of year 2016
2014 Improved manufacture technology for Anti-fatigue Mat with bevelled edge following radius corners and expand to Salon Anti-fatigue Mat
Develop 2-in-1 Residential Mat Concept including Kitchen Mat, Bath Mat, Bathtub Mat, and Indoor Mat
2013 An expansion of Anti-fatigue Mat: Antistatic Mat
Develop patent Hygienic Mattress made with cover sleeve and skinning foam cushion under 2-in-1 concept
2012 Planning for the second plant to cope with the need of warehousing and production on the development of sleep products.
Develop patent comb gel to overlay on memory/latex foam to derive functional ergonomic pillow and innovative mattress topper.
2010 Innovative combination concept of GSC-005II + Hexagonal Cells Foam and GSM-005II + Hexagonal Cells Foam.
Improved development of seat cushion: GSC-005II
Innovative concept of soft material development: CSAS and ISAS
2009 Upgrade tooling & mould technology on Comb Gel Sheet III
2008 New development of mattress & Cushion: Hexagonal Cells
2005 New concept of soft material development: Gel Mesh
2004 Innovation development of GSC-005 cushion received patents from the U.S., Japan, China, and Taiwan
2003 Developed products for home and health applications.
2003 3000 square meter factory and multi-functional production lines at current spot started running for more different kinds of material and process.
1986 Good Raise Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. established for expending international business and gradually transformed to computer accessories manufacturer.
1970s Factory started running as a professional shoes material processor and supplier.

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