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Hexagonal Cells Cushon Series

Hexagonal Cells Seat Cushion Series


An innovation design of the mattress and seat cushion is constructed by "Hexagonal Cells" technology focus on softness, good air-ventilation, heat reduction, and moisture evaporation.

The design also intensifies some outstanding features such as high flexibility of manufacturing for different sizes (without additional tooling cost) and adjustable softness* in any particular area on the supporting layer of the mattress and seat cushion for ergonomic necessity.

The "Hexagonal Cells" mattress and seat cushion have possessed of unique architectural and functional design, produced by well-performed materials, flexibility and adjustability.

*Operating only on the mattress and seat cushion with individual construction of the exchangeable Hexagonal Cells.

Material selection of Hexagonal Cells

Modular Unit Construction (MO) Seat Cushion

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Exchangeable-unit construction (ID) Seat Cushion

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