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Washable Hygienic Mattress


A development for cleanliness & sanitation

The Washable Hygienic Mattress is a revolutionary development based on a patent combination concept with 2 layers, cover sleeve and skinning foam cushions.

Breathable & Comfortable
2-in-1 combination structure:
Cover Sleeve-
.made of a fluid-absorbing material; lock liquid, breathable & keep your body dry
Skinning Foam Cushion-
.100% waterproof & anti-dirt; washable
.an ergonomic structure for pressure relief


Fully Washable

Cover Sleeve-
.easy to remove for washing and changing
.machine washable

Skinning Foam Cushion-
.with a skin layer overall on surface for washing & wiping
.100% anti-dirt & impervious
.can withstand high temperature and repeated sterilization


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