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Anti-Fatigue Mat Series

Benefits of using Anti-Fatigue Mats
- Reducing pressure of back muscles on the spine and strain
- Stimulating circulation on the feet and legs- Encouraging changes in posture frequently for preventing stiffness at joints and muscles
- Easing the stiffness on neck and shoulders
- Halving the muscle energy to support the back and legs
- Reducing pain for arches and heels
Why we need Anti-Fatigue Mat while standing
- Standing on hard floor for long period of time with less change in body posture makes fatigue accumulated to feet sole and every part of the body. According to the recent research, over 83% labors cause foot and leg problems such as varicosity, bad inner circulation due to long-time standing on hard floor. Anti-fatigue mats would provide good shock absorption and dispersion capability for long-standing person.

Material Properties - Rubberized Gel Foam
Keeping the shock absorption strength, anti-slip and soft-material characteristics, changing & adding rubber properties, reinforcing pulling and tearing strengths, transformable and compressibility make the material to become a closed cell structure foam with specific gravity for about 0.2, light weight and low cost. We call the re-formed material as Rubberized Gel Foam. It also has the features of water resistance, good in oil resistance.
Theory of thickness on design
After weight pressuring, product thickness is equal to the cushioning thickness provided from the product. Therefore, the mat thickness of 15 ~ 25 mm provides users enough cushioning space.
Material processing
In order to increase the product functionality, designated machines and tooling have been developed for material processing from cutting, concaving, perforating to special anti-slip making.

Key Advantage
- Embossment: Increasing degree of anti-slip
- Perforation - The basic level for mat products using in moist environment
- Beveled edge: For safety of mat to prevent trip hazards

Product Feature
- 15 ~ 25 mm thickness design of the mat gives body weight an enough buffering space.
- Drainage holes distributed on the mat increases drainage rate.
- Beveled edge reduces the edge thickness gradually in order to keep users away from stumbling danger.
- Surface embossment strengthens anti-slip property of the material.
- Oil tolerance and chemistry resistance make it enable to be used under special working condition.
- Adding germproof formula on the material for preventing bacteria and mildew produced especially for using in a wet and moist environment.

Interlocking Model

Modular design is available to enable you to combine ends and centers to create various lengths for different place

Heavy Duty Version
With the advance of our processing technology, Heavy Duty Anti-fatigue Mat is an updated version with rounded corners and bigger beveled edge. It is designed for the barrier free environment and can withstand the casters of a chair such as working at a height adjustable desk.

Available in Colors

It is a breakthrough in the color of Rubberized Gel Foam. Anti-fatigue mat is not only in black but also can be colorful to fit any décor especially for household and commercial areas.

OEM/ODM projects are available to have assigned color, texture design, and logo embossed on mats.

Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat


Incredible comfort for home. The rounded corners and bigger bevel edges with the texture overall make the kitchen & commercial comfort mat look elegant. It can come in colors to fit the décor in the house or commercial areas.

Standing Desk Mat / Height Adjustable Desk Mat
Two kinds of versions available for Standing Desk or Height Adjustable Desk Mat use. One is Comfort Anti-fatigue Mat that emphasizes the features of more cushioning effect. Another is Heavy Duty Anti-fatigue Mat with 15~18 degree beveled edge for easily rolling the chair onto the mat, and it is durable to withstand chair casters that will not damage easily by rolling a chair over it.

Anti-Fatigue Mat for Dry Area
The regular anti-fatigue mat is a superior solution to provide comfort and relief for the people who need to stand for a long period of time in a dry and ventilated working place.

Anti-Fatigue Mat for Wet Area
In the past of experience to supply Anti-fatigue Drainage Mat, it is only with holes to provide drainage. It has been improved and modified with unique ditch underneath that can help to drain water quickly for a damp and oily working place

Anti-Static Mat (ESD Mat)

The Anti-Static Mat is an ESD mat to help eliminate static electricity.
It is applicable to lab, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries for ESD needs.

*Surface Resistivity: 1x10^6~1x10^9 ohms

Salon Mat/ Shampoo Mat

By the improved manufacture technology, the Salon Anti-fatigue Mat is designed in stylish U-shape for barber shops.
*Resistance to chemical, puncture & high heels
*Anti-static surface prevents hair from sticking to the mat for easy cleaning
*The round corners are also processed with chamfer following the radius to avoid trip hazards efficiently

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