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Products Information : Why choose Rubberized Gel Foam for Standing Desk Mat


Geltec launched a material development according to a customer's requirement. The customer desired for shock absorption material for the anti fatigue mat that would be used in the food preparation area. Geltec used PU Gel material and blended it into the rubber material. It was developed successfully with superior shock absorption characteristic and definitely satisfied the customer’s need for the anti fatigue mat. Geltec called this material-Rubberized Gel Foam. Through the process and processing technology, Rubberized Gel foam is foamed into a closed cell structure and one-piece construction. It's been 13 years to use Rubberized Gel Foam for anti fatigue mat and supply to different industries.

In comparison to PU Foam material for standing desk mat, Rubberized Gel Foam is closed cell foam structure and its tooling cost is relatively low. You can have more flexible plan on the mat specification for sizes and thickness.

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