Anti-Static Mat (ESD Mat)

The anti static mat is an ESD mat that can help eliminate static electricity. The material is Rubberized Gel Foam which is professional material developed for anti fatigue mat to provide comfort and relief for the workers who need to stand for a long period of time in the workplace required ESD. This anti static mat is applicable to lab, electronics assembly line, and pharmaceutical industries.

-Surface resistivity at 1*10E7±1 ohms and 1*10E8±1 ohms.
-Rubberized Gel Foam is in line with ergonomics for extreme comfort.
-Closed cell foam structure and one-piece construction for easy to clean up.
Classification Premium
Material Rubberized Gel Foam
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Type Anti-Static (ESD)
Surface Resistivity 1*10E8±1 ohms 1*10E7±1 ohms
Dimension 900x1500mm (36”x60”)
600x900mm (24”x36”)
500x900mm (20”x36”)
600x900mm (24”x36”)
Thickness 12.5 / 17 mm 12.5 mm
Colors Black