Elastic Mesh Pillow / Baby Pillow

Elastic Mesh Pillow provides gentle, dry, and no-heat-accumulation touching feeling with exclusive Rib Structure made with moisture management fiber "COOLPLUS" which offering soft and dry support surface, and Tunnel Mesh Structure for excellent ventilation. Elastic Mesh covers for the pillow is replaceable and easy-cleaning. For inner cushion, GELTEC has different kinds of Memory Foam to meet users' need, and this can ensure comfortable sleeps and sweet dreams of the user. Accompanied with ultra soft and smooth memory foam as an inner cushion for the Elastic Mesh Baby Pillow, the pillow is neck spine supportive and helps to preserve baby's back head shape.

Pillow Case: Anti-bacteria Elastic Mesh
Inner Cushion: high-density ultra soft memory foam

50 (L) x 30 (W) x 10 (H) cm
20 (W) x 30 (L) x 5 (H) cm (Elastic Mesh Baby Pillow)