GSC-003-1 Transparent Massage Gel Foam Seat Cushion

Unique features for Therapeutic Massage Gel Seat Cushion
1. Granular (massage) gel surface with advantages of slow down temperature rising, prevent ischemia problem, pressure sores and so on.
2. PU foam can match our sitting posture pretty well & disperse pressure when sitting for a long time. It will relax our body to reach pressure-free feeling.
3. "Massage gel seat cushion combined PU foam" creates a reasonable structure for you. It not only keeps advantages of massage gel seat cushion GSC-003 and PU foam, but also avoids heat accumulation from PU foam.
4. You can OEM size, shape and so on for your own purpose.

Material: Transparent PU Gel + PU Foam

420 x 400 x 80 / 60mm
400 x 430 x 60 / 50mm
430 x 430 x 60 / 50mm
430 x 460 x 60 / 50mm
460 x 490 x 60 / 50mm