Bedside Mat

Bedside Mat is a safety fall mat that placed on the floor along the side of the bed in the home or next to a hospital bed as a protection device to help reduce fall-related injury at bedside. The bedside mat is made from high-quality Rubberized Gel Foam to provide shock absorption and impact reduction to ensure bedside safety at risk of falling.

.Processed in one-piece construction is simple and durable
.Composite with PU Gel material provides superior shock absorption and impact reduction
.24±1mm thick gives enough cushioning space, effectively protecting infants and adults from directly hitting a hard surface
.Textured top surface an bottom for non-slip performance
.Beveled edge avoids trip hazards and allows wheelchair or trolley on and off easily
.Closed cell foam structure will not absorb moisture, easy to clean up and maintain
.Anti-bacterial and Fire Resistance

*Exclusive item in the United States
Material: Rubberized Gel Foam
Dimension: 70"x24" / 70"x36"
Thickness: 24±1mm
Blue Sticky Pad is optional accessory that can add slip protection if need. It can be placed underneath the bedside mat to strengthen the non-slip performance and help to keep the bedside mat in place.
Specification can be customized strip sizes or purchasing it in rolls.