Cross-linked PU

Cross-linked PU

Cross-linked PU is one kind of reacted polyurethane. With exclusive processing method, Geltec can provide PU sheets with extremely thin (0.15~1mm) for products. Since the material is good for thermal resistance, it’s excellent for heat transfer of sublimation imprint. The imprint process is completely solvent free. The material is not only environmental friendly, but also keeps users away from chemical toxication.

Material Feature
-Softness and fit on the contact surface: Thickness of the PU Sheet can be as thin as paper (0.15mm). It fits on the contact surface perfectly.
-Thermal resistant: Heat tolerating up to 250oC in transient time and heat resisting up to 120 oC.
-Anti-slippery: The material provides good characteristic of anti-slip.
-Easy cleaning: Cross-linked PU is able to clean with cleaning detergents and easily dry.
-Water stability: Cross-linked PU will remain the same material condition after long bathing and showering by water.
-Weather stability: No chemical migration after long exposed under UV.
-Non-tearing property: Cross-linked PU consists an inner layer of poly-ester fiber. This makes the structure very strong and is not easy to tear off.
-Different appearances: Transparency, semi-transparency, and non-clearness forms can be made according to customer’s needs.
-Surface embossing: Surface of PU sheets can be embossed with 2D/3D pattern during the manufacturing process.
-Environment Friendly: Completely solvent and plasticizer free in manufacturing process.

Material Application
-The material could be performed as slim type sheet, foam type sheet…etc.
-Applying the material for anti-slip on bottom surface, ornament on top surface, or formation of ornament piece.

Mouse Pad: Material of Cross-linked PU is suitable for heat transferring sublimation and making the unique customized mouse pads. The different kinds of Mouse Pad made by Cross-linked PU from Geltec are Plain Color Pad, Theme Pack Slim Mouse Pad Series, and DIY Personal Mouse Pad series.

Placemat/ Coaster: Cross-linked PU Sheet provides anti-slippery property. Placemat and coaster made by the material are anti-slippery with light, sturdy and durable for long-term usage.

Floor Mat: The material could be also used for floor mat placing on the wet floor.
Matting Product: The material could also be used for floor mat or exercise mat to achieve non-slip function.

Clean Mat(Sticky Pad): Cross-linked PU is available to have sticky property to remove the dust particles from outsoles and cart wheel.