Drainage Mesh

Drainage Mesh

About Drainage Mesh

Drainage Mesh is a unique double layer mesh fiber structure. It is different sizes of mesh fiber on top and bottom, which is easy to roll up and flatten.

Characteristics of Drainage Mesh

● Hygienic
Easy to clean and is able to wash just like other clothes to keep hygienic at any time.

● Breathability, drain structure design
Owing to the excellent drain structure, the drainage mesh is machine washable and can be dewatered by the spin dryer, and will not cause burden to either your washing machine or spin dryer.

● Lightweight
Minimize the material usage of only preserve for necessary, which enables the drainage mesh lightweight yet durable and portable.

● Won’t accumulate moisture
The structure helps perspired away moisture on the drainage mesh and keeps the surface dry, which effectively avoid the danger of skid owing to moisture on the surface of drainage mesh.

● Non-skid layers
Add the non-skid coating on both upper and bottom can not only offer premium non-skid performance but also enhance the quality and comfortability of touching.

● The patent in multi-nations and regions

Product Application

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