Complex NBR Foam

Complex NBR Foam

Complex NBR Foam is modified component of continuous NBR Foam material. It improves the existing properties of NBR foam to present a better performance in cushioning, conformity to the surface, and non-slip properties. Complex NBR Foam is one-piece construction and a homogeneous foam structure for easy to clean up and maintain. Complex NBR Foam is developed and introduced as an “economy” material for many applications of anti-fatigue mats and exercise mats. Its reasonable price will meet the demands of a competitive market.

Type of Complex NBR Foam

Type: Comfortable Robust
  Comfort version with perfect cushioning properties. Features on the proper softness and the conformity to floor surfaces. Tough version with outstanding durability. Features on the heat and spark resistance.

Characteristics of Complex NBR Foam

● Patented Processing Procedure
Take advantage of the continuous process to achieve mass production, extra-large sizes, and roll specification, which is beneficial for multi-specification planning and size customized.
● Good Support and Cushioning Effect
The formula modification of Complex NBR Foam creates the product differentiation from the current NBR foam in the market. It improves the cushioning and stability to provide a high level of comfort and support.
● Good Non-Slip Properties
0.4+ Wet DCOF (Dynamic coefficient of friction) rating, good non-slip property
● Various Thicknesses for Option
Four kinds of thickness available can satisfy different demands of applications.
Thickness: 10±1mm, 15±1mm, 19±1mm, 25±1mm
● Reasonable Price
Target the mid-end and low-end market, an affordable product will increase competitive advantage.

Comparison with current NBR foam in the market

Comparison Analysis:

Materials Complex NBR foam NBR foam
Wet slip resistance ●●
Dry slip resistance ●●● ●●●
Conformability ●●● ●●
Durability ●●
Stability ●●● ●●
Buffering ●● ●●
Easy Maintenance ●● ●●
Antibacterial ●● ---
Fire Resistant ●● ---
Specific Gravity 0.17±0.05 0.1±0.05
Price LM LM

Product Application

Exercise Mat Series-
Functional Mat-Lite

Anti-fatigue Mat Series-
Roll Mat

Anti-fatigue Mat Series