Rubber Foam
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Rubber Foam

Rubber foam is a traditional soft material. According to application needs and material distinction, it can achieve the purpose of relevant application by material selections, change of manufacturing conditions, and distinction of production methods.

As all know, materials can be divided into “Specific or Key-Point material” and “Ordinary material”.

Specific of Key-Point material: The materials are used for specific function and key-point application with high quality, low quantity and high unit cost.

Ordinary material: Except the selection of material application on “Specific of Key-Pointl”, it covers most of the applications with the following characteristics.
-Not emphasis but functional
-Acceptable quality only
-Low unit cost for balancing product development cost relatively
-Application material that’s essential to every product

Geltec has more than 20 years’ experience in material application. Geltec can assist customers for material selection, knowing of application needs, and product development. Geltec welcomes all OEM cases.

Material Feature
-Best anti-slippery performance in our materials
-Good in rebounding
-Excellent in Compression Set/ Anti-fatigue
-Good in Abrasion resistance

Material Application
Rubber Foam is best for floor mats or industrial mats for its anti-slippery and anti-fatigue characters. It can also be used as protectors or insoles.