Memory Foam
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Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Memory foam is also called Visco-elastic foam. It is soft and it can follow user’s body temperature to foam a supportive contour to user’s spine shape. Hence we can say it provides a perfect balance between softness and support. However, it’s comparatively higher-priced. Geltec currently provides two types of Memory Foam.

Standard Memory Foam
This type is for general use. It is comparatively softer and with lower resiliency.

High Density Memory Foam
This type is comparatively less softness but with higher resiliency, and can offer better supportive function to spins of over weighted users.

-Thickness 1 inch and 2 inch
-Customized size and shape are available

Material Application
Memory Foam is best for customized cushions and mattresses as soft supporting layer, for its ultimate soft feeling and also supportive enough for users’ spine.

Product Application:
Hexagonal Cells Mattress Series
Elastic Mesh Mattress/ Baby Mattress/ Sleeping Pad
Elastic Mesh Pillow/ Baby Pillow
Hexagonal Cells Seat Cushion Series
GSP Topper + Foam Pillow