Underlay Series ˙Rug Pad
˙Residential Carpet Underlay
˙Commercial Carpet Underlay
Hard Flooring Underlay
  Exercise Mat Series ˙Functional Mat
˙Functional Mat-Lite
˙Green+ Yoga Mat
˙Personal Mat
  Anti-fatigue Mat Series  

Eco-Friendly Anti-fatigue Mat
˙Industrial Durable Mat
˙Commercial Durable Mat
˙One-piece Anti-fatigue Mat

Available Mat

˙Anti-fatigue Mat for Dry Area
˙Anti-Fatigue Mat for Wet Area
˙Anti-fatigue Roll Mat
˙Kneeling Pad
˙Standing Desk Mat
˙Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat
˙Anti-Static Mat (ESD Mat)
˙Salon Mat/ Shampoo Mat

Order-Made Mat
˙Customizable Mats

  Residential Mat Series ˙Shower Mat/Bathtub Mat
˙Bath Mat
˙Kitchen Comfort Mat
  Protect Mat Series ˙Bedside Mat
  Clean Mat  
  Gel Foam Pillow ˙Gel Foam Pillow With Dual Structure
  Comb Gel Pillow Series ˙GSP-Comb-Gel SheetIII ˙GSP Topper
    ˙GSP-Comb-Gel 005II ˙GSP-005II Topper
  Elastic Mesh Pillow & Baby Pillow
  Hexagonal Cells Mattress Series ˙HC Mattress(Modular)
˙HC Mattress(Individual)
  Comb Gel Mattress Series ˙GSM-Comb-Gel SheetIII ˙GSM-004II Topper
    ˙GSM-Comb-Gel 005II ˙GSM-005II Topper
˙GSM-005II Topper+HC
  Cooling Topper Series ˙Cooling Topper for Mattress
  Elastic Mesh Mattress/Baby Mattress/Sleeping Pad
▐ Seat Cushion
  Hexagonal Cells Seat Cushion Series
˙HC Seat Cushion (Modular)
˙HC Seat Cushion (Individual)
  Comb Gel Seat Cushion Series ˙GSC-Comb-Gel SheetIII ˙GSC Topper
    ˙GSC-Comb-Gel 005II ˙GSC-005II Topper
˙GSC-005II Seat Cusion
˙GSC-005II Topper+HC
  Cooling Topper Series ˙Cooling Topper for Seat Cushion
  Car Seat Cushion Series ˙Neck Cushion
˙Lumbar Cushion
˙Seat Cushion
▐ Gel Items(Medical Usage)
  Washable Hygienic Mattress  
  Anti-Bedsore Mattress ˙GSM-004
˙GSM-005II Topper+HC
  Positioner ˙Gelite Positioner Series
˙Transparent Gel Positioner Series
  Wheelchair Seat Cushion ˙GSC-001
˙HC Seat Cushion(Modular)
˙GSC-005II Seat Cushion
˙GSC-005II Topper+HC(ID)
˙GSC-005II Topper+HC(MO)
▐ Accessories
  ˙Can Cooler
˙Car Pad
▐ Printable Pad Series
  ˙Printable Pad Series
▐ Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest
  ˙Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest Series
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Functional Exercise Mat
Functional Mat is made from Rubberized Gel foam, a unique formula that has been patented f ...
Functional Mat-Lite
Functional Mat-Lite is made from Complex NBR Foam, which is modified component of continuo ...
Green+ Yoga Mat
Green+ Yoga Mat is made of Drainage Mesh that is a unique double layer mesh fiber structur ...
Personal Exercise Mat
The multi-functional personal mat, which weighs only 0.6kgs and is only 0.8mm thick, is a ...
Anti-fatigue Roll Mat
Geltec Anti-fatigue Roll Mat is a runner mat ideal for assembly line and workstations. The ...
Commercial Durable Mat
The Commercial Durable Mat is designed with a stylish surface, which can
create a welcoming ...
Industrial Durable Mat
The Industrial Durable Mat is a tough version of anti-fatigue mat for heavy duty applicati ...
Kneeling Pad
Kneeling Pad is a protective gear to protect a worker’s knees while kneeling on hard surfa ...
One-piece Eco-friendly Anti-fatigue Mat
This one-piece eco-friendly anti-fatigue mat is crafted using an integral molding design. ...
Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat
Enjoy the incredible comfort with the Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat. It is elegant with ...
Standing Desk Mat / Height Adjustable Desk Mat
Standing Desk Mat is an excellent ergonomic solution for use with a standing desk. It will ...
Anti-fatigue Mat for Dry Area
Anti-fatigue Mat is an ergonomic tool to reduce the fatigue for the workers who need to st ...