Underlay Series

Geltec Underlay is an eco-friendly cushioning product for the anti-fatigue purpose. Adding different values such as extra grip, sound proof, heat insulation, and cushioning, etc. for various applications to make a cozier environment.





● Strong structure

-Good physical properties provide high cushioning performance, improve sensory underfoot feeling

-Withstand foot traffic and not easy to flatten

● Safety
-Slip resistance, Beveled edge design, and Flat laying

● Heat and sound insulation

-Block the heat and reduce the impact noise transmission

● Flame retardant

-Prevent or slow the further development of ignition


Collections of Underlay Application:


Applied to Rug Pad


In addition to the high-cushioning performance and original properties of Underlay, our rug pads have been enhanced with the following features:




Double-sided anti-slip

-Enhanced non-slip performance to secure the area rug in place and offer improved grip


-Flat laying on the floor without curling

-Unique barrier-free beveled edge design provides a safe transition from floor to rug

-Inhibit the growth of mold and bacterial to keep hygienic and control allergens

Easy to clean and maintain
-Rug and rug pad can be clean separately


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Applied to Residential Carpet Underlay

Applied to Commercial Carpet Underlay

Applied to Hard Flooring Underlay


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