Anti-fatigue Roll Mat

Geltec Anti-fatigue Roll Mat is a runner mat ideal for assembly line and workstations. The bevel edge design can ensure safety and avoid trip hazards.

Moreover, the Anti-fatigue Roll Mat can be cut into a customer size or shape to fit any work area. Available for DIY home improvement market.

-Made of Complex NBR Foam, a modified component of continuous NBR material to improve the cushioning and the conformity to the floor surface.
-Continuous manufacturing process facilitates the large-scale production, large sizes of mats, and roll specification.
-Beneficial for multiple sizes planning for different applications of anti-fatigue mats.
-Custom sizes are available to meet the demands of mat dimensions.
-One-piece construction is easy to clean up and maintain.
-The barrier-free beveling design prevents the user from tripping.
-Laser logo on the roll mat is available.
Material Complex NBR Foam
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Classification Basic Utilitarian
Type Comfortable Robust
Black/ Yellow
Ribbed (R)

Weave (W)

Weave (W)

Dimension 2ft x 60ft
3ft x 60ft
4ft x 60ft
6ft x 60ft
2ft x 30ft
3ft x 30ft
4ft x 30ft
6ft x 30ft
(Shore C type)
15±3 22±3
Thickness 10/15/19/25mm