Exercise Mat Series

-Functional Mat Series

Functional Mat Series is the essence of exercise mat that is versatile, multi-purpose and is available in multiple size options. It can be used for all kinds of floor exercises. Its balance and stability characteristics allow users to enhance the joy of achievement brought by exercise.

Functional Mat Series is produced with a unique processing design with bevel edge. It easily conforms to the floor surface and has a good anti-slip property to give an athlete maximum comfort and body balance. The product is a one-piece construction and easy to clean up and maintain.

According to different market positions, Geltec designs different types for Functional Mat Series.


Project 01 Functional Mat
Functional Mat applies exclusive and premium Rubberized Gel Foam material that is both structure and manufacturing process patented. It is closed-cell foam that will not absorb the sweat and liquids. The unique structure with a softer upper layer and a firmer under layer provides the good buffering and supporting effect that can meet the ergonomic concept. It offers athletes the maximum body balance and comfortable experience.[more]

Project 02 Functional Mat-Lite
Functional Mat-Lite, applying Complex NBR Foam, is an entry-level exercise mat and yoga mat with good performance and reasonable price to meet the demands of a competitive market. It provides a good anti-slip, conformability and cushioning to give athletes a safe and comfortable experience for exercise. Functional Mat-Lite can be with flexible sizing options, which can satisfy any kinds of demands for customized sizes, especially for any ultra-large exercise mat. [more]

Comparison Analysis :

  Functional mat Functional mat -Lite
Material Rubberized Gel Foam Complex NBR Foam
Process Manufactured Sheet by
Manufactured by
Continuous Process
Structure Single material with
gradual foam structure
Single material with
homogeneous foam structure
Thickness 12.5mm (17、24mm) 10/15/19/25mm
Specific Gravity 0.21±0.05 0.17±0.05
Patent Patent on Material Structure
and Manufacturing Process
Patent on Manufacturing
Price HM LM


-Green+ Yoga Mat Series

Green+ Yoga Mat series is made from Drainage Mesh, which is an innovative drain mesh structure to enhance the properties of lightweight, hygiene, and safety of a yoga mat. It is a mesh fiber structure and used different sizes of mesh fiber on top and bottom, which is easy to roll up and flatten.

The Green+ Yoga Mat can allow yoga mat more than a protective exercise mat. It ingeniously shows the combination of simplicity, lightweight, and portability, aiming to design for an easier lifestyle. Moreover, the Green+ Yoga Mat series is designed to wash daily just like other clothes, on the purpose of concerting the concept of easy to clean and keep hygienic, seeking to get closer to daily life of every yogis. [more]


-Personal Mat

The multi-functional personal mat, which weighs only 0.6kgs and is only 0.8mm thick, is a very portable product to offer sanitation maintenance and improve personal life quality for individual use

High-class material used & Anti-slip design

-Comfortable feeling, high sweat-absorption
-The non-slip of surface and bottom design fit firmly to the object.
-Portable & foldable to put it into your personal bag to save the space

Personal Mat is suitable for every kind of exercise.[more]
-Yoga anywhere, unique design on both sides and microfiber on the cover prevents slipping when sweating
-For Sports Mat, no slipping when uses in the gym, ensuring 
-For Travel Mat, as a personal mat when going out

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Functional Exercise Mat
Functional Mat is made from Rubberized Gel foam, a unique formula that has been patented f ...
Functional Mat-Lite
Functional Mat-Lite is made from Complex NBR Foam, which is modified component of continuo ...
Green+ Yoga Mat
Green+ Yoga Mat is made of Drainage Mesh that is a unique double layer mesh fiber structur ...
Personal Exercise Mat
The multi-functional personal mat, which weighs only 0.6kgs and is only 0.8mm thick, is a ...