Anti-fatigue Mat Series

Why we need Anti-fatigue Mat?

Standing on hard floor for long periods of time with less change in body posture makes fatigue accumulated to feet sole and every part of body. A lot of labors cause foot and leg problems such as varicosity, bad inner circulation due to prolonged standing on hard floor. The anti fatigue mat has a superior buffer shock absorption and dispersion pressure function. It is recommended that long-term standing workers use anti fatigue mats as a tool to improve the discomfort from long-time standing.
Advantages of using anti fatigue mat
.Improve worker’s focus and increase productivity
.Reduce spinal pressure and excessive use of back muscles, reducing pain and discomfort on the back
.Encourage frequent changes in posture to prevent stiffness at joints and muscles
.Reduce poor blood circulation in the legs
.Create a comfortable and ideal working environment to improve the safety of the workplace
.Effectively prevent occupational injuries from standing over long period of time

Material Properties- Rubberized Gel Foam
Rubberized Gel Foam is modified component that Geltec team used PU Gel material and blended it into the rubber material for superior shock absorption performance. Through the process and processing technology, Rubberized Gel Foam is foamed into a closed cell structure and one-piece construction.


Product features of Geltec Anti fatigue Mat
.Uniqueness: Rubberized Gel Foam is in line with ergonomics, and the unique structure is a softer upper layer and firmer under layer to provide excellent buffering and supporting effect.
.One-piece mat construction: The material exhibits its natural characteristics, and the anti fatigue mat is simple and durable.
.Hygienic and easy maintenance: The closed cell structure does not liquids for easy to clean up and will not keep dirt. It is with resistance to greases, oils, and animal fats.
.Design for proper thickness: It has the best cushioning and balance effect and provides sufficient cushioning and support.
.Safety: Implementing barrier-free beveling design to avoid the risk of tripping.
Special items
-Interlocking Model: Modular design is available to enable you to combine ends and centers to creat various lengths for different place.
-Heavy Duty Version: Designed with rounded corners and bigger beveled edge for the barrier-free environment. It allows the chair on and off easily and can withstand the chair casters. Perfect for sit stand desk and height adjustable desk.
-Available in colors: It is a breakthrough in the color of Rubberized Gel Foam. Geltec anti fatigue mat is not only in black but also can be colorful to fit any décor in household and commercial areas.

Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat
Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat is elegant with radius corners and texture surface over all. It can come in colors to fit the décor in the house or commercial areas...More
Standing Desk Mat
Standing Desk Mat is an excellent ergonomic solution for use with a standing desk. It will keep your feet and body comfort while working at the standing desk. 2 versions of the anti fatigue mat for standing desk available. Heavy Duty Standing Mat is with super beveled edge to allow the chair on and off easily. Soft Comfort Standing Mat features the softness to emphasize its extreme comfort effect...More
Anti fatigue Mat for Dry Area
Anti fatigue Mat for industrial and commercial applications is premium and durable material for extreme comfort. It is a superior solution to provide comfort and relief for workers who need to stand for a long period of time in the workplace. Available with holes for drainage and resistance to greases, oils, and animal fats. Perfect for industrial safety mat and commercial anti fatigue kitchen mat...More
Anti fatigue Mat for Wet Area
In the past of experience to supply anti fatigue drainage mat, it is only with holes for drainage. The new anti fatigue mat for wet area has been improved and modified with unique ditch underneath to drain water quickly...More
Anti Static Mat (ESD Mat)
The anti static mat is an ESD mat that can help eliminate static electricity. It provides comfort and relief for the workers who need to stand for a long period of time in the workplace required ESD...More
Salon Mat/ Shampoo Mat
The salon mat and shampoo mat is manufactured by improved manufacturing technology in stylish U-shape for barber shop. It is resistance to chemical, puncture and high heels. The anti static surface prevents hair from sticking to the mat for easy to clean up...More
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