Anti-fatigue Mat Series

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Why we need Anti-fatigue Mat?

Anti-fatigue Mat has a superior buffer shock absorption and dispersion pressure function. It is recommended that the workers who have to stand at work for long periods of time use anti-fatigue mats as an ergonomic tool to improve the discomfort from long-time standing on a hard floor. It will increase workplace well-being and efficiency.

Geltec has supplied anti-fatigue mats since 2008 and has more than 10 years experience in developing anti-fatigue mats for different applications.

Material Introduction

Rubberized Gel Foam
The uniqueness of Rubberized Gel Foam provides the industry with an innovation choice of material. Rubberized Gel Foam is a material in line with ergonomic. The exclusive one-piece construction with softer upper layer and firmer under layer provides extreme comfort. The closed-cell foam structure will not absorb liquids. Due to the characteristics of originality, simplicity, and durability, Rubberized Gel Foam is ideal and premium for anti-fatigue mat.

Complex NBR Foam
The advantage of continuous manufacturing process facilitates the large-scale production, large sizes of mats, and roll specification. It is very beneficial for multiple sizes planning for different applications of anti-fatigue mats. The maximum length of mat is up to 60ft and the maximum width is 190cm. Geltec is capable of making the anti-fatigue mats in full rolls and custom mat sizes by Complex NBR Foam to meet the demands for dimensions and applications.


Comparison Analysis :

Material Rubberized Gel Foam Complex NBR Foam
Process Manufactured Sheet
by Sheet
Manufactured by Continuous Process
Available in rolls or sheets
Structure Closed Cell Foam Structure Semi-closed Cell Foam Structure
  One-piece Construction; A gradual
structure combines a softer
upper layer and a firmer under layer
Single material with
homogeneousfoam structure
Thickness 12.5 / 17 /24 mm 10/15/19/25mm
Specific Gravity 0.21±0.05 0.17±0.05
Patent Patent on Material Structure
and Manufacturing Process
Patent on Manufacturing Process
Price HM LM


Kneeling Pad
Kneeling pad is a work gear to protect knees against hard floors. A series of kneeling pads is optional with different functions including the safety stripes on bevel edge and a built-in storage space for nuts, bolts, and accessories. ...[read More]  [contact us]
Anti-fatigue Roll Mat
Anti-fatigue Roll Mat is a runner mat ideal for assembly line and workstations. The bevel edges will ensure safety and avoid the trip hazards.
Moreover, the Anti-fatigue Roll Mat can be cut into a custom size or shape to fit any work area.
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Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat
Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat is elegant with radius corners and texture surface. The simple and neat appearance can fit the decoration in the house, office, or commercial areas...
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Standing Desk Mat
Standing Desk Mat is an excellent ergonomic solution for use with a standing desk. It will keep your feet and body comfort while working at the standing desk...
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Anti-fatigue Mat for Dry Area
Anti-fatigue Mat for industrial and commercial applications is a superior solution to provide comfort and relief for workers who need to stand for a long period of time in the workplace. Available with holes for drainage and resistance to greases, oils, and animal fats. Perfect for industrial safety mat and commercial anti fatigue kitchen mat. Launderable specification is available for mat rental business..
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Anti-fatigue Mat for Wet Area
In the past of experience to supply anti-fatigue drainage mat, it is only with holes for drainage. The new anti fatigue mat for wet area has been improved and modified with unique ditch underneath to drain water quickly...
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Anti Static Mat (ESD Mat)
The anti static mat is an ESD mat that can help eliminate static electricity. It provides comfort and relief for the workers who need to stand for a long period of time in the workplace required ESD...
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Salon Mat/ Shampoo Mat
The salon mat and shampoo mat is manufactured by improved manufacturing technology in stylish U-shape for barber shop. It is resistance to chemical, puncture and high heels. It can prevent hair from sticking to the mat for easy to clean up...
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