Anti-fatigue Mat Series

Why we need Anti-fatigue Mat?

Anti-fatigue Mat has a superior buffer shock absorption and pressure dispersion function. It is recommended that the workers who have to stand at work for long periods of time use anti-fatigue mats as an ergonomic tool to improve the discomfort from long-time standing on a hard floor. It will increase workplace well-being and efficiency.

Geltec has supplied anti-fatigue mats since 2008 and has more than 10 years experience in developing anti-fatigue mats for different applications to manufacturing, retail, hospitality, laboratories, office and more. In order to fit the needs of every type of workstation and area, in 2022 a concept of Safety Workstation Mat is introduced to integrate our anti-fatigue mat series into two collections, “Available Mats” and “Order-made Mats” as a total solution of anti-fatigue mats to guide our customers how to choose our products from material options and product positioning.

Available Mat- standard sized anti-fatigue mat
Order-Made Mat- options for the needs for custom sized anti-fatigue mat

Material Category:

Category Premium Basic Durable
Material Rubberized Gel Foam Complex
NBR Foam
Top Layer: Rubber Sheet
or Vinyl Sheet
Underlayer: Recycled Rubber Foam
Type Comfortable Heavy-Duty Comfortable Durable
Thickness 12.5 / 17 /24 mm 10/15/19/25mm 12.5/15/19mm
Structure Closed-Cell Structure Semi-closed Cell Foam Dual-layer
Patent One-piece foam construction with exclusive gradual structure combines a softer upper layer and a dense under layer for excellent shock absorption Modified component for better cushioning, non-slip (0.5 Wet DCOF rating), and conformity to floor surfaces;
Available in roll
A recycled underlayer bonded to a durable top layer with good properties of durability, support, and non-slip;
Available in roll

Meanwhile, we are committed to build an environmental plan and decide to develop related facilities, manufacturing process, and products for going green. Under 3 years of preparation, Recycled Rubber Foam series is launched under 3Rs concept (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Eco-Friendly Anti-fatigue Mats
Building upon the core values of Recycled Rubber Foam series, which encompass the use of recycled material, exclusive manufacturing process, and flexible customization capability, we apply Recycled Rubber Foam to develop new eco-friendly anti-fatigue mats. Our Eco-Friendly Anti-fatigue Mats embody the superior cushioning capability and long-lasting durability that are inherent in Recycled Rubber Foam, providing outstanding comfort and remaining resistant to compression over time.
Furthermore, our versatile post-processing capability empowers us to produce the eco-friendly anti-fatigue mat in a variety of ways. With a range of post-processing options, we can find-tune the mat's properties to meet the specific needs of each customer and application.

Eco-Friendly Anti-fatigue Mat

Available Mat

Order-Made Mat


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