One-piece Eco-friendly Anti-fatigue Mat

This one-piece eco-friendly anti-fatigue mat is crafted using an integral molding design. This product embodies the superior cushioning capability and long-lasting durability that are inherent in Recycled Rubber Foam. It effectively absorbs impact and minimizes strain on joints, muscles, and feet, allowing for extended periods of standing without discomfort. Whether in retail spaces, offices, workshops, or other high-active areas, this mat offers outstanding cushioning to increase productivity and well-being.

-Enhanced cushioning capability and long-lasting durability
-Non-slip performance ensures stability and safety
-100% recyclable
-Post-industrial recycled (PIR) foam for environmental benefits
-No VOCs and odorless

Classification: Integral molding shape
Material: Recycled Rubber Foam
Dimension: 60x90cm (available in custom sizes)
Thickness: 12.5/15/19 mm