Commercial Durable Mat

The Commercial Durable Mat is designed with a stylish surface, which can create a welcoming atmosphere for customers and employees alike. This product is a dual-layer structure that bonded to a recycled rubber foam base, combining aesthetics with eco-friendly materials. Its long-lasting performance provides this commercial durable mat resistant to punctures from heels and cart traffic to ensure daily use in commercial environment without losing its quality or functionality. It offers a comfortable surface for standing, helping to reduce fatigue and improve overall comfort in the workplace.

-Enhanced cushioning capability and durability
-Non-slip performance ensures stability and safety
-100% recyclable
-Post-industrial recycled (PIR) foam base for environmental benefits
-No VOCs and odorless
-It can easily be cleaned and maintained, ensuring a clean and professional appearance
-Offering customization options such as size and surface material to cater to specific aesthetic needs of commercial customers.

Classification: Dual-layer Structure
Material: Carpet surface + Recycled Rubber Foam
Dimension: 60x90cm (available in custom sizes or roll)
Thickness: 12.5/15/19 mm
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