Protect Mat Series

Protect Mat Series

Benefits of using Protect Mats
- As the protection function, protect mat series provides excellent shock absorption and impact-reduction.
- 1" thickness design of the mat gives body weight an enough buffering space.
- 30 degrees beveled edge reduces the edge thickness gradually to avoid trip hazard
- Surface embossment strengthens anti-slip property of the material.

Material-Rubberized Gel Foam

Rubberized Gel Foam is an exclusive material which developed and named by Geltec. This material discloses the excellent feature of non-slip, and the unique close cell structure generates the rubberized gel foam to have character of water and oil resistance.

Theory of thickness on design
After weight pressuring, product thickness is equal to the cushioning thickness provided from the product. Therefore, the mat thickness of 15 ~ 25 mm provides users enough cushioning space.

Material processing
In order to increase the product functionality, designated machines and tooling have been developed for material processing from cutting and concaving to special anti-slip making.

OEM/ODM projects are available to have assigned color, texture design, and logo embossed on mats.

Bedside Mat

The bedside mat is used beside the bed especially for health care. It provides the function on impact-reduction and shock absorption in case of the person falls from bed. The 30 degrees of edge cutting design allows wheelchairs or trolleys on and off easily. The mat is available to have assigned color, texture design, and logo embossed as an OEM/ODM project

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Bedside Mat
Bedside Mat is a safety fall mat that placed on the floor along the side of the bed in the ...