Green+ Yoga Mat

Green+ Yoga Mat is made of Drainage Mesh that is a unique double layer mesh fiber structure to enhance the properties of lightweight, hygiene, and safety of a yoga mat. The construction is different sizes of mesh fiber on top and bottom for easy to roll up and flatten and provides proper cushioning during exercises.

.Hygienic and Breathability
Innovative drain structure design helps the Green+ Yoga Mat not accumulate sweat and moisture and makes the mat machine washable for easy to clean up.
Minimize the material usage, which enables the Green+ Yoga Mat lightweight yet durable and portable.
.Non-skid layers
Add the non-skid treatment on surface and bottom can not only offer superior grip but also enhance the quality and comfortability of touching.
.Patented in multi-nations and regions.
Yoga Mat Supplier Geltec

Materials Drainage Mesh    
Product Number YOGA-001 YOGA-002 YOGA-003
Type Breathable Leather Surface Sweat-wicking Fabric Surface Weave Design Surface
Dimension 60x180cm 60x180cm 60x180cm
Thickness 3mm 3mm 3mm
Fitness Mat
Yoga Mat Supplier Gelgec