Hexagonal Cells Mattress Series

An innovation design of the mattress is constructed by "Hexagonal Cells" technology focus on softness, good air-ventilation, heat reduction, and moisture evaporation.

The design also intensifies some outstanding features such as high flexibility of manufacturing for different sizes (without additional tooling cost) and adjustable softness* in any particular area on the supporting layer of the mattress for ergonomic necessity.

The "Hexagonal Cells" mattress have possessed of unique architectural and functional design, produced by well-performed materials, flexibility and adjustability.

*Operating only on the mattress with individual construction of the exchangeable Hexagonal Cells.

Material selection of Hexagonal Cells


Modular Unit Construction (MO) Mattress

Exchangeable-unit construction (ID) mattress

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Hexagonal Cells Mattress (MO)
HR Foam ...
Hexagonal Cells Mattress(ID)
Material :
HR Foam ...