Hexagonal Cells Mattress(ID)

Material :
HR Foam
Memory Foam
HR Foam + PU Gel on top
Memory Foam + PU Gel on top.

- The "Hexagonal Cells" mattress is constructed by fabricating certain numbers of exchangeable Hexagonal Cell units individually.

- Size of one Hexagonal Cell unit is 101 x 89 mm

- For individual construction, the Hexagonal Cells Mattress has the feature of adjustable softness in any particular area on the supporting layer of the mattress and cushion for ergonomic necessity.

- Velcro bonding design for every Hexagonal Cell to the bottom layer (Velours fabric should be applied to the bottom layer)

99.8 x 190.5cm (Twin size, 253 Units)
137 x 190.5cm (Full size, 345 Units)
152.4 x 203.2cm (Queen size, 425 Units)
193 x 203.2cm (King size, 525 Units)