GSP-Comb-Gel 005II

GSP 005II is the patented technology of Comb Gel 005II structure combined with the soft Comb-Gel and with the breathable 3D Mesh. It has result inner air convection and maintains the most comfortable temperature to provide soft, cooling, and ventilation functions to people.

As the concept of Comb-Gel 005II Structure, GSP-005II Topper is a top layer for pillow which is instructed to put on your existing pillow and inserted into the pillow sheet to use. Sleeping on the GSP-005II Topper, you can enjoy the pleasant and improve the sleeping quality better.

.Ventilation, Lightweight, and Portable
.Fit on pillow shape perfectly
.Sanitary and Easy to clean

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GSP-005II Topper Comb Gel 005II Pillow Topper
Comb-Gel 005II Structure (Comb Gel + 3D Mesh) ...