GSM-Comb-Gel SheetIII

The Comb Gel III Mattress Series is developed from the application of Comb Gel Sheet III. It is a combination development of Comb Gel Sheet and comfort foam including Mattress Topper and Mattress with different concepts. This serial mattress features to provide people with a comfortable and enjoyable sleeping environment.

GSM-004II Topper
It is a combination of Comb Gel II and Latex Foam to provide the comfortable feeling than general foam topper. It is manufactured with a coating film that performs “Hygiene” purpose to improve the potential concern of bad smell and bacterial breeding produced after using the general foam for a while.

GSM-004 creates a living atmosphere with simple, pleasant, and enjoyable. It is supplied by single pieces of One-Piece Type. The various mattress sizes can be arrayed freely on a hard surface without bed base. Also, the GSM-004 is packed with single pieces of One-Piece Type that is easy for transportation and storage

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GSM-004II Topper Comb Gel 004II Mattress Topper
5mm Comb Gel Sheet II + Latex Foam. ...
GSM-004 Comb Gel III Mattress
Comb Gel Sheet III + Memory Foam (One Piece Type) ...