GSM-Comb-Gel 005II

GSM-005II is the patented technology of Comb Gel 005II Structure combined with the soft Comb-Gel and with the breathable 3D Mesh. It has result inner air convection and maintains the most comfortable temperature. The developments with Comb-Gel 005II Structure is including mattress topper and the combination with Hexagonal Cells.

GSM-005II Topper
As the concept of Comb-Gel 005II Structure, GSM-005II Mattress Topper is a "Patented Structure" combined of Comb Gel II and 3D Mesh. It focuses on cooling and ventilation characteristics. It is suitable to use in summer season that can provide people with a comfortable temperature and accomplish the living being more energy efficient.

.Ventilation, Lightweight, and Portable
.Fit on the mattress perfectly
.Sanitary and Easy to clean

GSM-005II Topper + HC
GSM 005II Topper + Hexagonal Cells, the composition of Comb-Gel 005II Structure and Hexagonal Cells, is mostly recommended when people require the purpose of sufficient ventilation and pressure release especially for home and nursing market. It is also the best choice particularly for the market in tropic and sub-tropic zones.

.Ventilation and non-accumulation of Heat
.Mildness and Energy Saving
.Supporting and Pressure Releasing
.Sanitation and Safety
.Humanity and Convenience

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GSM-005II Topper Comb Gel 005II Mattress Topper
Material :
Comb-Gel 005II Structure (Comb Gel + 3D Mesh) ...
GSM-005II Topper + HC Comb Gel 005II Topper + Hexagonal Cells Foam Mattress
Fabric:Breathable or Waterproof (Option) ...