GSC-Comb-Gel SheetIII

According to the applications of Comb Gel Sheet III, GSC-Comb-Gel Sheet III is developed with two models, GSC Topper and GSC-004. To have a GSC-Comb-Gel Sheet III, comb gel seat cushion, will bring people softness, cooling, comfort, and pressure relief while you are sitting on a chair base on the essential features of material Comb-Gel Sheet III.


GSC Topper is engineered from the construct of Comb-Gel Sheet III which
covered by 100% cotton cover and commercialized to be a seat pad for chairs.

.Cooling, soft, and comfortable feelings

.Fit on seats perfectly

.Sanitary, exchangeable, and easy to clean


GSC-004 is manufactured with One-Piece Type technique of Comb Gel Sheet III
application. The gel seat cushion has good functions of ventilation and heat
dispersion to prevent the muggy feeling. Due to the soft touch and pressure
release, it is also suitable to use for nursing besides using it as a home

(Exclusive in European Market)

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GSC Topper Comb Gel III Seat Cushion Topper
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GSC-004 Comb Gel III Seat Cushion
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