Elastic Mesh
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Elastic Mesh


Constructed by Coolplus fiber, a kind of material with excellent abilities to stay dry and prevent accumulation of heat. The unique structure of Elastic Mesh makes it soft and able to contain supportive material. With the constructional function of Elastic Mesh, Geltec is able to make further development for multi-functional materials, such as Gel Tube Mesh or Foam Tube Mesh.


Coolplus is easily dry
The micro-slits on Coolplus fiber surface creat capillary phenomenon, which can quickly transport moisture to large area for faster evaporation.

Anti-bacterial Function of Elastic Mesh
Elastic Mesh is finished with Japanese NICCANON SKT Anti-bacterial Treatment, which meet Japan SEK standard of antibacterial function. The treatment can effectively inhibit the growth of common germs in our daily life, such as Staphylococcus aureus (cause of food poisoning) and Klebsiella pneumonia (cause of pneumonia).

Material Application
Elastic Mesh can be used for customized cushions, mattresses, pillow, and sleeping pad as surface layer and cover for its features of easily dry, anti bacteria, and humanized contact feeling.