Gel Tube Mesh
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Gel Tube Mesh


Gel Tube Mesh is a perfect material for wheelchair cushion, wheelchair accessories, hospital seat and office chair cushion. It is a combined material of Elastic Mesh and Gel Tube. Gel Tube is constructed by the tube and the inserted semi-liquid from PU Gel.

Soft Character of Gel Tube
The softness feeling of Gel Tube mainly comes from its inserted gel, for the gel’s hardness is only between 2-5 in Shore 00 Standard (see Chart, Property No. 7)

Supportive and Low-compressive Character of Gel Tube
Soft is not the only character that makes Gel Tube a comfortable material. The tube shape has low-compressive character, which can effectively support the weight laid on Gel Tubes, and hence supports the structure of the covered Elastic Mesh, and makes Elastic Mesh maintain its function. As you can see in Chart, Property No. 12 and 13, when 0.45 kgf/cm2 compressive stress on Gel Tube, it only strain 20% of its normal height; when compressive stress is enlarged to 6.2 kgf/cm2 on Gel Tube, the strain rate only becomes 50%. The data evidence has shown Gel Tube’s low-compressive character.

Pressure Distribution Character of Gel Tube
The liquidity of the inserted PU Gel can effectively distribute the pressure, and prevent pressure to accumulate on particular contact spots. As data shown in Chart, Properties No. 8~10, you can see when Gel Tube strained from 100% to 300%, the tensile elastic stress data has only slight change from 9.5 to 13.8 kgf/cm, which proved that Gel Tube is an effective pressure-distributing material.

Vibration/ Shock Reducing Character of Gel Tube
According to test method of ASTM D2632 92 on Gel Tube, the resilience test rebound height is only 8% (Chart, Property No. 19), which proved that Gel Tube is an excellent material in absorbing force, and mitigating the damage of sudden impact.

Gel Tube Mesh Specification
Color of Mesh/ Gel Tube
Color option is available with minimum order quantity.

Material Application
Gel Tube Mesh can be used in customized covers for seat cushions or other customized applications.