Comb-Gel Sheet III
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Comb-Gel Sheet III

Comb-Gel Series

What's Special about Comb-Gel Structure?
Comb-Gel Structure is developed with patent coating film design and exclusive manufacture technique. As shown as Figure 01, it is made of PU Gel which is coated entirely with the film layers on surface and bottom into a Stereoscopic Honeycomb Formation. Employing the honeycomb shaped configuration (a hexagonal arrangement where the point of contact is supported by its 6 sides as shown as figure 02) to create a web feedback mechanism and result in Stress-Strain Benefit.

As shown as Figure 03, when pressing the Comb-Gel Structure toward Fy, the gel with film coating will generate the wriggle strain toward Fx and Fz to disperse the pressure equally. When the pressure is released, the reaction force will make the compressed gel revert to normal. As the result, that interaction makes the Comb-Gel Structure have the effective pressure dispersion better than the general flat gel sheet.

As the result of the research for the demand of customers, GELTEC makes two applications for Comb-Gel Series.

Comb Gel Sheet III
Comb Gel 005II Structure

Considering the market demand, Comb-Gel Sheet III is developed to provide the core value of Comb-Gel and propose for customers. Geltec presents the concept that supplying Comb-Gel Sheet III with single pieces and conducting the customers to source foam material such as PU Foam or Memory Foam etc from their local market unilaterally. In this way, it will efficiently save the transportation charge by the large volume of foam material and make the price be more competitive. The single pieces of Comb-Gel Sheet III can be freely arrayed and overlaid with the foam upon your demand and design for mattress, pillow, and seat cushion.

In addition to provide the foregoing material application of the single pieces of Comb-Gel Sheet III, Geltec has the developments for mattress, pillow, and seat cushion.

GSM-004II Mattress Topper

GSP Topper
GSC Topper



Comb-Gel 005II Structure is another composition concept of Comb-Gel Series. It is developed with the consideration to balance the demand among softness, comfort, ventilation, and cleaning to provide people a cooling and no muggy feeling especially for the people live in tropic and sub-tropic zones.

Comb-Gel 005II Structure is not supplied with a regular specification. It is operated for an OEM/ODM project upon a customer's demand. Nevertheless, the available products of Comb-Gel 005II Structure are developed to conduct the customers to its application, 

GSM-005II Topper 
GSP-005II Topper 
GSC-005II Topper 

GSM-005II + HC Mattress
GSC-005II + HC Seat Cushion

GSC-005II Seat Cushion 

Cooling Gel Laptop Sleeve